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June Floren Pritchard was born in Bristow, Oklahoma and studied art education at the University of Oklahoma.  She has been drawing and painting since her childhood but started her serious painting career in 1981, after the loss of her husband.  She discovered watercolor as her favorite medium and loves the challenge of painting June sketchingmany subjects: florals, landscapes, portraits, still lifes and a variety of animals.  Her well known "real and fanciful chickens" are an example of this work.

She has studied extensively in other countries such as Italy and Yugoslavia with Milford Zornes, France and Mexico with Sheila Parsons, Greece with George Kountoupis and also studied with Robert E. Wood, Eric Michaels, Charles Sovek and Delbert Gish to name a few.

 "I enjoy painting what I love and then discovering that others find pleasure in my work."

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